Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot fuel: It’s baa-aaaack

It was all but certain that hot fuel would become an issue once again.

OOIDA first brought this issue to light years ago through the work of John Siebert, a project leader at the OOIDA Foundation.

Later it became the subject of an investigative series in The Kansas City Star, written by reporter Steve Everly.

That series led to articles in newspapers across the nation and, eventually, coverage on CNN and other television networks.

Now, with a new summer season and record fuel prices everywhere, Fox News has picked up the story again.

Several truckers called to tell us about the coverage. Some were just informing us; some were giving a little ribbing to Fox News for treating it as a brand new story.

I kind of agree – it’s pretty clear that others beat Fox News to the punch on this. But who cares? I’m glad they’re covering it, and I hope all the other networks bring the topic back as well.

We need to convert the outrage that all Americans are feeling toward pump prices, and direct that toward this issue.

It won’t solve the fuel price crisis. But every penny we save counts.

And solving this sure won’t hurt.